A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Unleashed is a dark 2D RPG for Windows and Linux that features sandbox elements. It is set in Mystria, a magical world. The game has been inspired by famous series such as Pokemon or Final Fantasy.

Our goal is to grab all the elements of the RPG we love and put them in a single game. Add to this the newest and popular features such as housing, crafting, farming, and you get Unleashed. We also wanted to work on a darker story focused on sins and virtues for a more mature audience.

 Lastly, we wanted to make an open world filled with details, unlike a lot of RPGs that really feel empty after some hours.


A powerful curse has been cast across Mystria. It changed people, who became the expression of their primordial sin. Hiding their darkest impulses wasn’t possible anymore and their burning desire was the only thing guiding them. The curse affected the soul deeply, breaking it into ten parts. Each of those parts could represent either a sin or a virtue, able to manifest itself into the physical world via entities called Achivaras. By dying, the soul’s parts are permanently summoned as Achivaras, unleashed in the wilderness.  

A religious order, the Devoted, was created after the curse happened. This order is led by the spell casters, who want to take advantage of people’s obscured mind. They praise the curse as if it was a blessing, freeing humans from their deep darkness.  

However, some people were spared by the curse. Thus, they couldn’t be manipulated as easily as the others, which eventually raised some questions the Devoted wouldn’t like to answer. To mitigate the influence those people could have, the Devoted decided to call spared people the Rejected, as if they did not deserve the blessing like the others.


Unleashed 0.19.3 248 MB
Unleashed Linux 0.19.3 250 MB